Gold Condor (Bird of Prey)/Gold Condor (Carrion Bird)

Gold Condor (Bird of Prey)/Gold Condor (Carrion Bird)
Birds of PreyLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Cypress Condor85The Jade Forest
Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Loch Buzzard13-14Loch ModanCommon in the southern part of the dried-up loch.
Can Be Tamed Dire Condor15-16Redridge MountainsUsed to be a Red Vulture.
Can Be Tamed Twilight Firebird81Mount HyjalOnly appears during the quest "Wave Two" in a phase of the Firelands Hatchery area. Serves as a mount, but the rider is lost after taming.
Can Be Tamed Thunderbird86Krasarang WildsOccurs all the time.
Can Be Tamed Thunderbird86 SpawnedKrasarang WildsSpawn and attack during the quest "Cheer Up, Yi-Mo".
Can Be Tamed Kun-Lai Corpsepicker87Kun-Lai Summit
Can Be Tamed Carrion Vulture88Townlong Steppes
Can Be Tamed Thrashtalon Vulture92Gorgrond

Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Bound Vulture110The Menagerie, Suramar