Blue Condor

Blue Condor
Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Corpsefeeder18 RareSilverpine Forest
Can Be Tamed Arae26 RareStonetalon Mountains
Can Be Tamed Dragonbone Condor71-72Dragonblight, Hour of Twilight
Can Be Tamed Twilight Buzzard80Mount HyjalOnly appears during the quest "Wave One" in a phase of the Firelands Hatchery area. Serves as a mount, but the rider is lost after taming.
Can Be Tamed Frostfire Bonestripper90Forbidden Glacier, Frostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Juvenile Bonestripper90The Boneslag, Frostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Frostfire Fleshripper91-92Frostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Frostbeak Scavenger100Stonefury Cliffs, Frostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Gorebeak100-110 Rare EliteWhispering Bluffs, Val'sharahMust not have completed quest, "Gorebeak", in order to summon.

Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Trained Bonestripper <Thunderlord Wrangler's Pet>92Bones of Agurak, Frostfire RidgeAlready controlled.