Patch 7.3 : A preview of new models found on Argus

This is just a preview of interesting new creatures with pet potential and it's likely that not all of these models will become tameable. It's still early in patch development and there are no new tameables (or families!) in the database just yet. - Click on an image to see the larger version.

Argus Talbuks

There are 10 colours of this rugged and spiny new talbuk model. They'll almost certainly be included in the Stag family with the other talbuk models.

Mana Rays

This savage new Mana Ray model comes in 9 brilliant colours. It's possible that it'll be included in the Nether Ray family but we don't know for sure yet.

Warp Stalkers

There's one new warp stalker colour in the database: 'Void'. Maybe it'll appear on a tameable wild beast.


Panthara are a group of fancy new feline reptilians. Perhaps they'll be given a family of their own, but we don't know yet. There are 8 colours.


Marsuul are an imaginative and cute new creature group. We really hope they'll become tameable beasts, though their reduced texture size suggests that they may have been designed primarily as critters. Time will tell! There are 5 colours.

Spiked Grubs

It's highly unlikely any of these will become tameable but we're including the model for interest. Grubs and larvae have only ever been accidentally tameable (as Worms) and it's also quite likely these ones are destined to become demons.