Updated Pet Models and Looks in Battle for Azeroth

A host of creature model updates are coming in Battle for Azeroth, including those of a number of beloved Hunter pets! On this page you can see what we've noticed so far.

Note that this information comes from the Alpha test and pet appearances may change before release.

Thanks to Petopia Community member Quiv for compiling this information. Many of the looks were confirmed using the databases of Wowhead and WoWDB.


CopperCopper Beetle TanTan Beetle
Not all seem to have been replaced yet.

Carrion Birds


BlackVulture BlackBlack Vulture
BlueBlue Vulture Blue-GreyBlue-Grey Vulture
BrownBrown Vulture BrownBrown Vulture
Ghostly BlueGhostly Blue Vulture Ghostly Blue-GreyGhostly Blue-Grey Vulture
We haven't confirmed that the replacement vulture is spectral, but we assume it will be.
RedRed Vulture RedRed Vulture
WhiteWhite Vulture WhiteWhite Vulture


BlueBlue Crab IndigoIndigo Crab
BronzeBronze Crab BronzeBronze Crab
GemGem Crab Onyx & RubyOnyx & Ruby Crab
It's possible that the old black-and-red look has currently been replaced with the 'diamond' one. If so, this will almost certainly be a mistake.
RedRed Crab VermilionVermilion Crab
SilverSilver Crab Light BlueLight Blue Crab
WhiteWhite Crab IvoryIvory Crab


BlackBlack Gorilla BlackBlack Gorilla
Dark GreyDark Grey Gorilla Steel GreySteel Grey Gorilla
It looks like King Mukla is actually being upgraded to the new black gorilla skin, while the others are being replaced as shown here.
GreyGrey Gorilla GreyGrey Gorilla
RedRed Gorilla RedRed Gorilla
WhiteWhite Gorilla Icy BlueIcy Blue Gorilla


BrownBrown Hyena BlackBlack Hyena
GreyGrey Hyena Silver-GreySilver-Grey Hyena
OrangeOrange Hyena Burnt OrangeBurnt Orange Hyena
Orange (Very Subtly Darker)Orange Hyena Burnt OrangeBurnt Orange Hyena
PurplePurple Hyena PurplePurple Hyena
RedRed Hyena RedRed Hyena
YellowYellow Hyena YellowYellow Hyena


Robot Chickens

Robot Chicken Gold-OrangeGold-Orange Mechanical Chicken

Robotic Gorillas

MechanicalMechanical Gorilla MechanicalMechanical Gorilla



BeigeBeige Stegodon BeigeBeige Thunder Lizard
BlackBlack Stegodon BlackBlack Thunder Lizard
BlueBlue Stegodon Dark BlueDark Blue Thunder Lizard
Dark GreenDark Green Stegodon GreenGreen Thunder Lizard
Light GreenLight Green Stegodon BrownBrown Thunder Lizard
RedRed Stegodon Dark RedDark Red Thunder Lizard


Barbed Spiders

Orange & BlackOrange & Black Spider Burnt OrangeBurnt Orange Spider
Red & BlackRed & Black Spider Red & BlackRed & Black Spider
Red & YellowRed & Yellow Spider Amber & YellowAmber & Yellow Spider

Bone Spiders

BrownBrown Bone Spider BrownBrown Bone Spider
Dark BrownDark Brown Bone Spider Dark BrownDark Brown Bone Spider
Green-GreyGreen-Grey Bone Spider Green-GreyGreen-Grey Bone Spider
GreyGrey Bone Spider GreyGrey Bone Spider
Rusty-BuffRusty-Buff Bone Spider Khaki-GreyKhaki-Grey Bone Spider

Gracile Spiders

Black WidowBlack Widow Spider Black WidowBlack Widow Spider
CrystalCrystal Spider CrystalCrystal Spider
GreenGreen Spider Dark GreenDark Green Spider
GreyGrey Spider Purple-GreyPurple-Grey Spider
JungleJungle Spider Bright GreenBright Green Spider
OliveOlive Spider Grey-BrownGrey-Brown Spider
PurplePurple Spider PurplePurple Spider
RedRed Spider Red-OliveRed-Olive Spider
TanTan Spider BrownBrown Spider


GreenGreen Tarantula GreenGreen Tarantula
GreyGrey Tarantula GreyGrey Tarantula
LavaLava Tarantula LavaLava Tarantula
OrangeOrange Tarantula OrangeOrange Tarantula
RedRed Tarantula BrownBrown Tarantula

Wind Serpents

Dark BlueDark Blue Wind Serpent Blue-BlackBlue-Black Wind Serpent
GreenGreen Wind Serpent GreenGreen Wind Serpent
Orange (Slightly Brighter)Orange Wind Serpent OrangeOrange Wind Serpent
Orange (Slightly Darker)Orange Wind Serpent OrangeOrange Wind Serpent
RedRed Wind Serpent RedRed Wind Serpent
Red w/ Orange WingsRed Wind Serpent w/ Orange Wings CrimsonCrimson Wind Serpent
WhiteWhite Wind Serpent Light BrownLight Brown Wind Serpent